Aaron K. Wilkinson

Software Developer. Cat Lover. Chocoholic.


I'm an NYC-based full stack web developer with five years of IT experience who believes an application not only needs to function well but also provide an easy and enjoyable user experience.

Good code should work with the user, not against them.

If something can be automated, it should be.

If you are interested in working together please contact me.

Frontend: JavaScript | jQuery | React | HTML5 | CSS3
Backend: Node.js | Python | Flask | Tornado | Express | C/C++ (prior experience)
Database: Oracle | PostgreSQL | SQLite
Other: Crystal Reports | AutoHotkey | Kanban | Github | Heroku
Learning: Redux | SASS


CS50 Fitness

Exercise tracking app that allows users with accounts to create custom routines which can be used to record individual workouts. Past workouts can be reviewed to monitor progress. Built with Python, Flask, Jinja, and SQLite.

Body measurement tracking application built with JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Nunjucks, and PostgreSQL. Future enhancements include changing the frontend to use React and to combine with CS50 Fitness to become one complete fitness-tracking application.



Winner of the 2018 Houston Hackathon.

Mobile service platform for the City of Houston's Neighborhood Mow-Down Program. Development greenlit by Mayor Turner and enhancements are ongoing. Built with React.

Blackjack application that dynamically generates decks based on user input. Passion project with roadmap of enhancements. Purely frontend application using jQuery.

AKW Blackjack

Misc Projects

Updated the MD Anderson Blood Donor Center's eDonor "Donor Centers" page from a non-intuitive listing of sites and hours to a more engaging and seamless user experience through use of pictures, different fonts, spacing, and elimination of duplicated information.

Manufacturing Barcode Cheat Sheets

Color-coded barcode cheat sheets for the MD Anderson Blood Donor Center's Component Processing Lab. Barcodes contain strings that trigger custom scripts to automatically enter data into the ElDorado Donor application and move the cursor around the screen.

Increased component processing speed by 300%.

Barcode Cheat Sheet Examples


Granulocyte Donors Review Report

Custom report created to summarize all relevant data from multiple applications for granulocyte prescreen donors. Report used by transfusion medicine pathologists to more easily and quickly determine eligibility of potential granulocyte donors, saving them an estimated five hours each week. PHI redacted in this example.


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